Kelsey Proffitt is an emerging artist that didn't take the traditional path to art school and then full-time artist. She acquired some college level, formal art training but is mostly self-taught. She gained invaluable knowledge and experience for the last several years as a certified high school visual arts teacher. She realized that she wanted to spend more dedicated time in her own studio creating her complex observations of life and the human condition. So she decided to trust her talents and take a leap of faith. In addition to spending her time as a practicing artist, she also teaches private lessons out of her home studio and also works part time as an instructor at a local studio called Wine & Design. Before her life as an art teacher, she explored various other life paths, all eventually circling her back around to art each time. Art has always been an important part of her life since she was a child.

Kelsey recently moved to the Houston area from Fort Worth, Texas. She is a travel enthusiast and loves meeting new people and experiencing new places. From 2013 to 2015, she lived overseas in Galway, Ireland. Before settling in Ireland, she backpacked around France, Italy and Switzerland. Kelsey likes to take in the culture, nature, and various other visual stimulation's and occasionally uses that as inspiration for her artwork.

Kelsey has a focus in collage & mixed media and experimental art--all with the main passion being in the layering. She is very interested in expressing her understanding of the human condition and her own experiences with it. She works with representational and non-representational means, sometimes combining the two. She likes to keep her practice fresh and exciting by changing things up every now and then.

Kelsey has taught numerous art workshops for Mabank ISD's "Know Your Impact Conference" for the past 3 years. She really enjoys sharing her knowledge and passions with others to help promote the arts. Kelsey likes to engage her supporters by creating video compilations of her while she’s working in her studio. Check out her social media accounts by clicking on the icons below to learn how Kelsey creates some of her works. Be sure to subscribe to her email list and follow her on social media for new artwork and updates! :)


Upcoming Shows


Lake Houston Area Artists Spring Art Show, Sale & Competition

Join us to see some amazingly talented artists and for the chance to find the next addition to your decor! :) I will have a few pieces in the competition & several in the show. All are available for sale! Hope to see you there! :)