Faces & Phases Series

This is an ongoing series and documentation of a self portraiture journey that investigates various phases, experiences, struggles, etc. of Kelsey’s life. She started this journey in 2017 when she came upon a fellow art educator and artist, Michael Bell, who inspired her to complete a “31 Nights” visual journaling journey where the intention was to “seek creative freedom and discover it in the “self portrait.” The idea is to journey through a hidden portal to a land, we shall call, “A Place Beyond”.” As can be imagined, it is a very personal journey to her and will be added to as time goes on. Using a series of prompts as exploration, some of them have become larger works (which is what you will see below) and others are in kept in her visual journal. Reflection is one of an artist’s best tools for growth and Kelsey enjoys reflecting as a built-in part of her process for every artwork she creates. Stay tuned for upcoming artworks in this series by subscribing to my email newsletter below.