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I provide private art lessons in drawing and painting to the following separate age groups —Children: 8-11 years of age, Teens: 12-17 years of age, and Adults: 18+ in my home studio located in Kingwood, TX. These lessons are meant to help those interested in developing their artistic skills, parents interested in adding more art education into their child’s life, or adults that want to expand their practice, knowledge and/or skills. I am a Certified Texas Educator and previous high school art teacher who wanted to spend more time creating & selling my art in my own studio. I am passionate about teaching anyone that wants to learn about art or further their skills, which is why I also offer private lessons. I have experience teaching all levels of 2D & 3D art and Pre-AP/AP Studio Art (college preparatory class). My personal specialties are drawing and acrylic painting, however, I do have experience teaching pretty much all art medias. The following 2D medias can be learned in my studio: graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, pen & ink, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, soft/chalk and oil pastels. It will be up to the student if they want to pursue some or all medias. Experimenting with a variety of medias until you find your favorite one is a must for beginning artists.

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The Studio

Teaching Philosophy & Methods

I believe that all individuals possess innate creativity, it is just a matter of learning how to access, develop, and utilize that part of ourselves. Some people are born with a natural ability to “see” like an artist, however, drawing is a teachable and learned skill that requires lots of practice. With that being said, there will be “homework assignments” to practice while away from your weekly lessons with me. These are strongly recommended if you want to further your skills. I teach in a more traditional and systematic manner with my goals for you to learn the basics of drawing by working with a variety of drawing media to develop eye-hand coordination, reinforcement of traditional drawing skills, to develop new ways of seeing, thinking and creating, and to build confidence through a variety of exercises. If a student is interested in learning how to paint, then we will begin building knowledge of color theory once the basics have been learned. Upon the first meeting, I will gauge where a student is and build lessons around their specific previous knowledge, filling in gaps or starting from the beginning, if needed. If a student is mostly only interested in learning how to paint, I will still start with some basic fundamentals of drawing since it is a building block that will increase their painting skills and abilities (unless this knowledge is proven).

Class Meetings

We will have weekly meetings and work on skill building exercises for growing as an artist and creating finished works of art. On first meeting, I will gauge previous knowledge and skills, set up goals and an action plan, and then go from there. Student is responsible for all supplies needed. Please look over the supply list below that correlates with the class that you intend to take and have the basic drawing supplies for the first class. Note: ALL supplies do not have to purchased all at once. Starting with the basics is the best way to go and slowly add to your toolbox as you progress.

Pricing & Policies

Prices are based on time and attention given. I offer small group lessons (2-4 students) and private lessons ( one-on-one, only for teens & adults). Lessons come in packages of 4 at a time— 4 weeks in a month, except for months with 5 weeks, add an additional class fee to total.

**Payment Notice: I'm sorry I cannot schedule/hold a time slot for anyone without payment.  Payment for the entire month of private lessons (4 lessons per month) is due prior to the first lesson of the month. Full month payments are due for private lessons even if you miss one. I will do my best to reschedule if you have an emergency. The table below shows the structure & pricing of these:

The documents below pertain to each age group and list out the policies, prices, and pertinent need to know information accordingly. Please read these if interested in taking lessons with me. The supply lists are available for you also. Note: ALL supplies do not have to purchased all at once. Starting with the basics is the best way to go and slowly add to your toolbox as you progress.

Child Art Lesson Policies Child/Teen Blended Drawing & Painting Supply List

Teen Art Lesson Policies Teen & Adult Drawing Supply List

Adult Art Lesson Policies Teen & Adult Painting Supply List

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Please contact me if interested in starting semi-private or private lessons by emailing me at or calling at 682-248-6546. If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail and I will return your call ASAP.